Order HyaluTec Force 3

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Hyalutec is an injectable filler of reticulated hyaluronic acid,

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Order HyaluTec Force 3

Order HyaluTec Force 3 (1×1.25ml) is an injectable filler of reticulated hyaluronic acid, sterile and transparent, indicated to restore facial volume. In addition to being a homogeneous,

  • HyaluTec Force 3 (1×1.25ml) an injectable filler of reticulated hyaluronic acid, sterile and transparent, indicated to restore facial volume. In addition to being a homogeneous, biodegradable and long-lasting gel. Hyalutec contains HA of non-animal origin and is cross-linked by BDDE.

    HyaluTec also has the following features:
    • The concentration of hyaluronic acid is 20 mg / ml and also Hyalutec gel is single phase, smooth and easy to apply.
    • The contained hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin as well as Manufactured in strict conditions ISO9001 / ISO13485.
    • Greater longevity of the HA molecules injected thanks to its BDDE crosslinking.
    • More so the residual BDDE in the final product less than 2ppm.
    • And Finally the presentation is 1.25 ml per syringe (25% more).
    Force1 is indicated for:
    • Superficial lines, fine to moderate wrinkles and Effective for minor skin damage.
    • Wrinkles and lines around the mouth and also Apply in superficial / middle dermis.
    • Finally the recommended needle 30G Buy HyaluTec Force 3 .

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